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Railroad Services

Barnard’s Transfer Service, Inc., the trusted name in railroad contractors for over 25 years, leads the industry with superb service and customer dedication when it comes to railroad services. Our crews are rail experienced trained in the latest and most innovative techniques used today. BTS can respond to any situation you may have. Whether the call is for commodity tie-down to mainline derailment, we are committed to helping you solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Load Adjustments

Load Adjustments

We can adjust your leaning or shifted loads back to AAR specs. This includes plate steel, steel coils and shapes as well as container loads.


Car slipped off the tracks? We’ll put it back!

Derailment Response Services

Derailment Services

We are prepared for any job big or small, from removing product and debris to salvaging your customers' product to cut the total loss of the derailment.

Barnard's Transfer Services
Barnard's Transfer Services
Barnard's Transfer Services

Maintenance of Way

Do you have brush or debris bogging you down? Let Barnard’s Transfer Service, Inc. clear the way. Our knowledge and experience in brush/debris control can cut through any challenging clutter.

Car Cleaning

We clean open-top and covered hoppers; flat, gondola, and box cars. Give us a call to discuss your car cleaning needs.

Tie Down

Commodities such as steel, wood, paper and pipe travel the rails each day. Our crew is trained in the latest AAR Loading Procedures to protect these products. We are committed to ensuring these commodities get to where they’re going safe and secure.

You can count on the professional team at Barnard’s Transfer Services.
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